FuTurisme is a joint initiative by Barcelona Activa, Diputació de Barcelona the Catalan Association of Specialized Travel Agencies ACAVe and Barcelona’s hotel association (Gremi d’Hotels de Barcelona) to promote the creation of innovative companies with high growth potential in the field of tourism in Barcelona.


Barcelona Activa

Integrated into the council’s department of Economy, Business and Employment, Barcelona Activa implements city hall’s economic development policies. For the last 25 years it has been promoting economic growth in Barcelona and its surrounds by supporting businesses, entrepreneurial initiatives and employment. At the same time, it promotes the city and its strategic sectors internationally from the local regional perspective. Its mission is to be a benchmark organization in terms of offering support to companies, creating jobs and the international projection of Barcelona as an ideal place for business and social progress.

Gremi d’Hotels de Barcelona

The Gremi d’Hotels de Barcelona (GHB) is a business association made up by hotel establishments: hotels, hotels-apartments and hostels in the provincial area, tourist apartments and houses for touristic use in Barcelona and its surroundings.

It is very aware of the role tourism currently plays in terms of the socioeconomics of Barcelona, GHB is proactively involved in everything that happens in the environment, with special emphasis on those issues that have to do with the development of the hotel and tourism sector, the quality of Barcelona as a destination, the professionalization of the sector, improving the coexistence between tourism and citizens, and improving the quality of life of its citizens in aspects like safety, sustainability and social responsibility.

Diputació de Barcelona

Diputació de Barcelona is a local government institution dedicated to promote progress and citizens’ well-being, cooperating directly with city councils. The Local Economic Development Area works in order to stimulate local economies thorough innovation, promoting sustainable and competitive territorial models, developing business network, job quality and stimulating tourism in municipalities. In particular, the Area supports Local Centres of Services for Business, which attend to more than 57.000 entrepreneurs and 25.000 enterprises each year, helping to create, consolidate and grow new initiatives and business in operation.

Acave Travel

The Catalan Association of Specialized Travel Agencies ACAVe is a national non profit business association with full administrative and financial autonomy. The ACAVE’s founding objective is to act as a sectoral interlocutor for travel agencies partners and provide them useful services for the development of their activity.

Currently, the association is formed by more than 500 travel agencies which represent over one thousand branches. There are also attached members, companies which are not travel agencies, which develop activities related to tourism and are interested in collaborating with ACAVe.